Raising Capital for Community Development
& Cooperatives through Securities Offerings

We support community development endeavors, generally with projects involving families and small-scale producers to become significant participants, particularly in local food development and climate change mitigation by raising capital with exempt securities. We are especially interested in the cooperative business model given its organizational structure that fosters economies of scale for cost advantages through efficient production. 

A cooperative has three distinguishing elements: 

  • It is equitably owned by the members. 
  • It is democratically run by the members.
  • It is organized primarily to benefit the members as patrons.

Exempt Securities

Securities that do not need to be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) 
under the Security Act of 1933 or the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

Securities Law Exemption for Community
& Cooperative Development

Using exempt securities transactions as the mode for capital raising allows a community / cooperative to raise capital privately. This strategy has advantages over other financing methods, including

  • less burdensome regulatory requirements,
  • reduced cost and time, and
  • the ability to remain a private enterprise.
This method of raising capital enables the alignment of external resources with the cooperative values and principles and to do so legally.

Working in collaboration with the legal expertise of  Cutting Edge Counsel, Kamson Financial offers strategies and tactics for structuring and designing capital raise considering: 

  • The laws that must be complied with before raising money for your cooperative.
  • The security that is optimal for raising capital for your community/cooperative. 
  • The alternative ways of funding the growth and operations of your cooperative.
  • The marketing of the securities for raising capital for your community/cooperative. 

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